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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

June Blog Trains

I know there are some of you out there that are trying to decide if you want to make the leap into digital scrapbooking. Lucky for you there are a good many resources for free that you can use before you commit fully to it and decide to start buying kits. One of those opportunities are blog trains. Basically, a blog train is where a group of designers have joined forces, decided on a blog theme, and each blog designer creates a few elements, papers, or other freebies for that theme and color pallette. So if you go to each blog participating, you can download a freebie that will then coordinate with all of the other freebies you collect from the other blogs. At the end, you end with a free mega kit, and throughout the way you can see blogs that may have other items of interest that you may decide to follow/subscribe or bookmark. A couple blog trains that I follow started today (some put there stuff up yesterday so you may have to scroll down on their blog to find it).

Stuff to Scrap (STS) Blog Train: The theme is "Bouncin' Beach Balls". Here is a link to one of the girls in the train. From her blog you can find a list of each of the other blogs participating. Just click on each and start snagging your goodies.

STS Blog Train

The other one is The Blog Train. The theme is "Monkeys".

The Blog Train

Hope you enjoy finding all your goodies!

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